The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. Rei which means ” The high power” and Ki which means ” Life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “Spiritually guided life force energy”. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “Laying on Hands” and is based on the idea that and unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If ones “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki is simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that every one can use. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings a peace, security and well being. Many have reported Miraculous results.

Benefits of Reiki

* Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit.

* Increases energy levels.

* Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension.

* Helps relieve pain.

* Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins.

* Supports the immune system.

* Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.

* Enhancement of self grooming and confidence.

* Clears all phobias.

* Leaving bad habits.

* Better and comfortable sleep.

* Regularly use can help in reducing weight.

* Regularly use for excellent natural anti-aging remedy.

* Use Reiki meditations to enhance spiritual abilities.

* Remove negative energies from room, house, office and business places.

* Clears the mind and improves focus.

* Improvement of relationships.

* Solve all problems and fulfill dreams and wishes, for example “Job, Career, Business, Marriage, Love, Disputes, Educational, Financial problems etc etc” through Reiki Box and Crystal Grid.

* Reiki can be great benefits to many conditions. some of the many conditions Reiki can treat are as follows “Migraines, Asthma, Psychology problems, Flu, Ulcers, Cancer, Back problems, Stroke, Blood pressure etc”.

* Excellent to treat complicated diseases particularly where cause of the diseases is not known.

Reiki And Pregnancy

Reiki is both safe and extremely beneficial to an unborn child and their pregnant mother. Reiki can help during pregnancy in various ways such as:

* Reiki alleviates morning sickness.

* Reiki reducing stress and tiredness.

* Reiki stimulates the babies healthy development.

* Reiki can be used to treat painful muscles, joints or the spine.

* Reiki strengthens the bond between a mother and her baby. When a mother who is attuned to Reiki , places her hand on her tummy, she is passing pure unconditional love and healing to her unborn child.

* Reiki keeps the mind, body and spirit in balance reducing the chances of post natal depression.

* Reiki nourishes the foetus with love and the universal life force. It gently comforts, protects and envelops the unborn baby.

* If the father of an unborn baby is a Reiki practitioner he can also help during the pregnancy by treating his partner. The important bond between father and child will also be stimulated each time he places his hands on his partners pregnant tummy. The father can communicate through his hands with his child.

Reiki And Animals

Animals respond really well to Reiki – they have no preconceived ideas of the energy and it can be a good confidence boost to yourself to give Reiki to a pet. Animals need less Reiki treatment time and you will find that after a few minutes they may walk away as they have received enough energy.

You can treat a pet by placing one hand on the head and the other on the chest area – this will reassure and steady the animal. Let the Reiki flow and keep the same position as the energy will find its way to where it is needed most. Some animals will be happy to receive up to an hours treatment but most will be happy with 3-5 minutes.

If you want to treat an animal that is not tame you can sit near it, hold your hands out and intend that the Reiki flow from your hands to the animal. The same applies when sending Reiki to a bird that is not tame – sit as close to the animal as you can and hold your hands out intending that it receive the energy.

Reiki Principles

All Reiki practitioners, masters try to follow the Reiki principles which are in fact a good basis for all of us to live by.

* Just for today i will be grateful.

* Just for today i will not anger.

* Just for today i will not worry.

* Just for today i will do my work honestly.

* Just for today i will respect all life.

If all human kind lived by these principles, the world would be a whole lot better place.

Detailed Explanation of Reiki Principles

* Just for today: The importance of “today” applicable for all five principles. How you live today determines whether or not you will complete the necessary learning. “Today” is a collection of moments. This teaches us to fully live each and every moment and this whole day.

* Be Thankful/Grateful: you naturally become thankful if u receive the benefit of Reiki and familiarize yourself with Reiki everyday.

* Do not get angry: recover the balance of mind and emotion with Reiki. Live a quiet and peaceful life. Anger hurts others and yourself.

* Do not worry: Reiki Master ship is the step for learning to fully trust the universe. Do not have any unnecessary worries and fear. Do your best today and let the universe take care of the rest, keeping the peace of your mind. It is the key to being free from fear to believe in the universe and be with the universe.

* Work hard: Reiki shows how to utilize Reiki in everyday life and work. A lazy mind is bad for you. People will grow through work and learn through everyday life.

Reiki History

Mikao Usui

Dr Mikao Usui was the originator of what we today call Reiki. He was born on August 15th 1865 in the village called Yaga in the Yamagata district of Japan. Dr Mikao Usui probably came from a wealthy family, as at that time only children from wealthy families could get a good education. As a child he studied in a Tendai Buddhist school entering at an early age. He was also a student of different Martial Arts. His memorial states that he was a talented hard working person. As a sensitive spiritualist, Dr Mikao Usui had spent much time Meditating on Mount Kurama. One day Dr Mikao Usui decided to travel to this Holy mountain to fast and Meditate in solitude for 21 days. At the end of this period, he was enlightened and suddenly felt the great Reiki energy at the top of his head. That is how he received this great gift of Reiki.

Dr Mikao Usui first used Reiki on himself and then tried it on his family. Since it worked very well for various ailments, he decided to share it with the public and spread his knowledge. He taught Reiki to over two thousand persons and also trained 21 Masters. On March 9th 1926 during teaching in Fukuyama, he suffered a stroke and died. According to one version, Dr Mikao Usui is now buried in the Kyato Tample. With the story of his life written on the gravestone.

Chujiro Hayashi

Dr Hayashi has played 2 important parts in Western Reiki. Number one is that he is probably the originator of the hand position system used here in the West. Number two is that he initiated Mrs Takata to Reiki Master which brought Reiki to the West.

An ex-naval Officer in the Japanese Navy and a Naval Doctor who graduated Navy School in December 1902. He started his Reiki training with Usui Sensei  in 1925, 47 years of age. It is believed he was one of the last Reiki Masters trained by Usui.

Following his first training he left the Usui school and started a small clinic in Tokyo named “Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai”, which had 8 beds and 16 healers. Practitioners worked in pairs of  two to a bed giving treatments to patients.

Hayashi originally had seven to eight hand positions that covered the upper body only. These positions are based on the Eastern traditional healing methods (such as Chinese Medicine) that the “body” is the head and torso, the limbs are considered “external”. When treating these positions, which cover major energy center’s (acupuncture points), the energy will flow not only through the body but also to the arms and legs. (using meridians). Therefore it is only necessary to treat the head and torso in order to treat the entire body mind.

Usui Sensei used head positions only, then treated any problem area on the body.  He also gave additional positions for treating specific conditions. It seems that Hayashi may have adopted further hand positions  and that these may have been the base for the hand positions used in the western world.  These hand positions that cover the whole body gives a better overall flow of energy around and through the body. Chujiro Hayashi ritually ended his life by committing Seppuku’ on May 10th 1940.

Hawayo Takata

Hawayo Takata was born at dawn on December 24th 1900, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Her parents were Japanese immigrants and her father worked in the sugar cane fields. She eventually married the bookkeeper of the plantation where she was employed. In October of 1930, Saichi Takata died at the age of thirty-four leaving Mrs. Takata to raise their two daughters.

In order to provide for her family, she had to work very hard with little rest. After five years she developed severe abdominal pain, a lung condition and had a nervous breakdown.

Soon after this, one of her sisters died and she traveled to Japan where her parents had moved to deliver the news. She also felt she could find help for her poor health in Japan. Here she came in contact with Dr Hayashi’s clinic and she began receiving Reiki treatment.

Mrs. Takata received daily treatments twice a day and got progressively better. In four months, she was completely healed. Impressed by the results, she wanted to learn Reiki. In the Spring of 1936, Mrs. Takata received First Degree Reiki (Shoden). She worked with Dr. Hayashi for one year and then received Second Degree Reiki (Okuden).

Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii in 1937. She was soon followed by Dr. Hayashi who came to help Mrs Takata establish Reiki in Hawaii. In the Winter of 1938, Dr. Hayashi initiated Hawayo Takata as a Reiki Master.

She was the thirteenth and last Reiki Master Dr. Hayashi initiated. Between 1970 and her transition on December 11th 1980, Mrs. Takata initiated twenty-two Reiki Masters. The original twenty-two teachers have taught others. In the decade since Mrs. Takata experienced transition, Reiki has spread rapidly in the West and East and is now practiced throughout all parts of the world. There are now tens of thousands of Reiki Masters and millions of people practicing Reiki throughout the world.