About Us

Waheed Malik is a Grand Master in Usui & Tibetan Reiki, Spiritual Healer, Professional Tarot Reader, Gems Expert, Numerology Expert and he is a Personality Development Coach, Community Instructor and having diverse knowledge in the field of Mind Sciences, Spiritualism and Meditations. He is also a Gold Medalist in Chinese Martial art Wushu (Kung Fu). He has been working in Pakistan from the last two decades as a Fitness & Martial Art Coach, Teaching many peoples (males & females) about Physical Health & Self Defense.
Apart from this he is successfully running his private Reiki Healing & Counseling Center in Lahore. His deep and dedicated study and research in the field of healing sciences has enriched his diagnosis as well as training of Reiki and other related healing methods and as a result, he is able to give very powerful healing as well as healing tips. His study is vast, scientific, and logical. A person going to him for Health or Psychological consultation gets perfect advice.
He is well known for bringing people out of depression, anxiety, sleep problems, fears and phobias, traumas, financial issues, concentration and memory problems and other health issues, just within three to four Reiki sessions.